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Advice to help me stop wearing foundation?

So here we go. I have always had problem skin. I got bad pimples 2 years ago and went on accutane. That cleared me up so I don’t get bad pimples anymore. But my problem is, since I started puberty I’ve had pretty bad redness (that the accutane didn’t take away) it almost looks like little red pimples spots/scars. I’m 20 now and still have the redness/little red spots. I’m pale so everything is noticeable. But for 2020 i want to start cutting back on foundation (which I wear every single day because I am SUPER self conscious of my red uneven skin) I want to give my skin a break. I just need to hear stories of people of how they got less self conscious of their skin and pushed themselves to go bare. It would save me SO much time in the mornings for work. I will still wear mascara but foundation/concealer is what I want to cut back. I’m always worried about how I look so this is going to be hard for me because I’ve been wearing foundation since I’ve been 13-14. If you’ve done this while being super self conscious please I just want some tips and tricks of how to not worry all day about how “bad” I’ll look. Need some advice from other

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