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Family Generations?

Can you have a different number of generations on both sides of your family? Example say on your mom's side... you've got  grandparents, mom/dad,you that's 3 generations on your mom's side....Okay on Dad's side you've got great grandparents, grandparents, mom/dad then You which makes 4 generations on your dad's side

 So mom has 3 generations and dad has 


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    Of course you can. My mom's side currently has 5 generations alive right now: YES, FIVE; my grandmother (The Silent Generation), mother (Boomer), me and my siblings (all Millennials), and my sister's kids (two of them are Z's, and the baby was born this year, making her what they are calling Gen Alpha). My father? He's the only one left on his side of the family, everyone has passed.

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    i think its possible

  • Anonymous
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    No, you can't.  The law requires that people have the same number of "generations" on both sides.  Sometimes that involves killing some people.

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    Bascially correct for the info you are considering.   BUT you do realize both sides of your family have multiple and equal numbers of generations wending backward through time, even if you do not know about them?

    Obviously four someones had to create your maternal grandparents.  Just cause your fam does not talk about them or remember who they were, your maternal great grand parents had to existing for your grandparents to exist.  

    That is what geneology is all about.  Discovering who you are, buy discovering who your ancestors were. 

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    yes correct.   

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