What can cause little red pimples to pop up on your face?

I used to have bad acne. I got it cleared up a few years ago and usually only get a small pimple or 2 around my period time. I’ve had the same skin/makeup routine for over a year now and I never break out. But over the last almost 2 weeks I’ve noticed I’m getting little red pimples in weird places. (On my temples, random spots on my forehead, corner of my nose, on cheeks and cheek bones, there was even one under my eye brow.) I never get pimples in these spots. Their not white heads like I used to get, just little red dots. I can get them covered up, I’m just wondering what could cause this to happen if I am doing NOTHING different with my skin than I have been for a year now. Literally nothing in my life has changed except a bit of stress, but I’ve also been stressed for a while and i just started breaking out now. Is there a way to stop this before they get worse? :( I would love to be able to stop wearing makeup but I also have a lot of redness and these pimples are not helping, I am very self conscious of my natural skin. 

1 Answer

  • Blonde
    Lv 7
    10 months ago

    How often do you wash your pillow covers? Do you ever forget to wash face before bedtime?

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