Baby often left to play on his own for most of the day. Is this okay? Having mum guilt!!?

I always feel like I am not spending enough time with my 17month old. I’m always either cleaning or working and he’s left to just Play on his own. Is this okay? He’s pretty happy playing on his own but I feel like I am neglecting his development!!


Update: he is never out of my sight! He is always playing in the same room as me. 

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  • 11 months ago
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    Spend some time reading to him each day - this is a lifelong gift. 

    Involve him when you can in household chores. One of our daughters loved playing in water, so I would give her a bowl of water and a washcloth and she'd "wash" the floor. When I did laundry they'd hand me things  - "Can you find a sock? That's a shirt, there is a sock. Can you hand me the sock?" Interaction, helpfulness, and learning words all in one. 

    His attention span is short, so he will bop in and out and that is fine.  : )

  • 11 months ago

    Read to your baby every day. At least an hour. Read the newspaper or a novel--he won't care as long as you are there. And it will make him smarter.

  • Tulip
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    11 months ago

    So stop cleaning so much

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    A baby playing on their own within the sight of their mother is just fine. Think of the pioneer days. Do you think babies spent their time sitting in fancy swings or activity centers? No, they were taught to sit quietly and entertain themselves. The same today for Amish babies. lol

    Learning to entertain yourself is an important skill. As long as you take time to read to the baby, cuddle, comfort and talking to him/her every so often then you are fine. I know many parents who own their home business and take their kids with them to work.

    If your baby was being neglected he/she would let you know. You are doing your best as mom and no one expects you to spend all day long holding the baby.

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