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If I want to keep using social media without getting irritated at differing opinions, should I just not talk about politics?

I love talking to people and it's great especially when I talk to a history buff. I can talk for hours with someone about history and it's just so cool to hear about times past. But it is a little irritating to debate politics and I really don't like it. I'd like to think that me being a conservative Republican would be okay with everyone but it causes me to get into arguments because I like to bring the Bible into the mix and I guess that's foolish. Should I trust in Trump because he says he's for God? Should I stop talking about politics and maybe then I wouldn't get irritated when people disagree with me? Or is it foolish to trust a politician who aligns himself with God? Moreover, is it foolish to listen to news that says that my religion is under attack because a political candidate is being attacked or a law he made is being reversed or whatever which would be an attack on Christianity?

Is it foolish to talk about politics in general to people? I often just make accounts to talk about politics but is this a bad reason to make an account? I had a Twitter account for politics but I got irritated and deleted my account when someone disagreed with me. I then had a Quora account but I deleted it when someone disagreed with me, &c. Are people more than just politics and is there more stuff online rather than people talking about the president? Or is the internet all about arguing and should I mess with the internet anymore? Any thoughts?

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    History is fun and interesting, there are many facts in history.

    Religion is very personal and most people do not care what someone else believes. They also do not want to be preached to by someone with a different view.

    Trump is clearly not a man of God.

    “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” is the 8th commandment.

    The Eighth Commandment condemns lying. Because God is regarded as the author of all truth, the Church believes that humans are obligated to honor the truth. The most obvious way to fulfill this commandment is not to lie — intentionally deceive another by speaking a falsehood.

    Clearly Trump ignores this every day.

    I will not go into the other Commandments he breaks.

    You don't need to cut out others who don't agree with you. Relax, others can have an opinion, be able to support yours with facts. Fact check things. 

    The internet can be lots of fun, enjoy it.

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    "... it causes me to get into arguments because I like to bring the Bible into the mix "

    Obvious troll is obvious. Conservatives don't typically confuse religion and politics. Liberals do though.

    Also, unless you're friends with a lot of brits or live in certain parts of Manhattan or San Francisco, the vast majority of people you know will either be conservative or indifferent to politics. 

    Edit: Because obviously trolls announce they are trolls. Obvious troll is even more obvious

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    Just ignore the political area. Talk history. Don't even answer political questions. Google message boards or chat sites on history and do what makes you feel good not bad. This site has LOTS of trolls that will say horrible things just to upset people for laughs. Not worth the aggravation.

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    Adhere to  the tried and tested rule, never talk about politics, religion or sex.  Stick with this and you should be fine.

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