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if asked a horary question "will I still have my job next year?" and the "moon was void of course"...what would that mean?

actually the question was like "Will I have my job next year? if so, how will it go?" and i cast a horary chart and the moon was what does that mean?

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  • Janet
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    8 months ago
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    Void of Course Moon means that nothing is going to happen in the matter you are asking about.

    But you have to be more careful to determine exactly WHAT your question is. You ask if you still have your job .. but you must be afraid of losing it if you ask this. So I suspect your REAL question is .. "will I LOSE my job before next year?"

    If it sounds like I am nitpicking, read on.

    When I first started playing around with horary charts (back in 1975), a friend's wife went to visit her mother. Took their young daughter with her. She was NOT coming back when she said she would, and my friend was getting nervous. So his question for the horary was, "Will she stay in Florida?" (which is where Mom lived).

    Applying square aspects between the two "significators" in the chart give a "No" answer. So the answer was "No".

    He was greatly relieved.

    But not so relieved when his wife called him and said she had fallen in love with a guy and was moving to New England to be with him.

    So, yes the answer was "No", but the question SHOULD have been "Will she come BACK to me?" Because that WAS his real concern.

    And I suspect in the case of your horary question, you are asking if you will be fired. I assume that IS the fear you have .. unless your fear is that you WILL still have that job ...

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