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Question regarding training of Chinese flight attendants?

I've seen a lot of stories regarding how the recruitment process for cabin crew in China, specifically at China Southern, resembles a beauty pageant and focuses a lot on appearances. My question is whether Chinese cabin crews receive the same safety training as those elsewhere. Does the CAAC have requirements? While there is often information publicly available regarding cabin crew training at other airlines, I can't find that for the chinese carriers, particularly the larger ones. I'm flying China Southern soon. Thanks in advance.

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    A lot of the Asian airlines have really good looking flight attendants because they do not have the same laws as in the US.  Over there you can discriminate based on appearance.  Plus a flight attendant job in Asia is something lots of people want to be so the airlines receive a ton of applications.  They can afford to be selective.  As for the safety training, I am sure all airlines have to meet the minimum for flight attendant training.  If the flight attendant(s) is not properly trained and something happens, there can be a lawsuit filed against the airline and that is not the publicity an airline wants.

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    i would ask the airlines about it

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    Chinese airlines in that respect are no different to the way most North American and European carriers used to openly do the same thing and how Russian and many Middle-Eastern airlines still do.

    Their safety training will at least meet internationally required minimum standards. With a population of about 1.4 billion people  to recruit from, Chinese international airlines can afford to be very selective.

    Various international bodies act as safety regulators. In order to be allowed to fly into other countries airlines must meet the standards imposed locally. Such bodies include ICAO, FAA, CAA, EASA, IASA and at least a few others. All of those bodies publish data about what they do and how the airlines they regulate perform against their published standards.

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