So my depo shot wore off around September 18th, & i Took a hpt on 12/9 (i believe) came back negative....?

Took FOUR MORE TESTS (2 dollar store brand on 12/12 & 2 clearblue on 12/13, they came back likely is it that those are false positives??

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  • 1 month ago

    False positives are rare.

    If the tests turned positive within the time limit of the test, you are pregnant, congratulations.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    < how likely is it that those are false positives >


    About the same chance as buying a lottery ticket and winning the big prize.  This didn't occur to you when your Depo shot was due in Sept and you continued to make the beast with two backs?




    LOLOLOLOLOL, it's pretty much guaranteed then you were going to get pregnant at some point.

    • Nicole1 month agoReport

      First of all, i dont think my question called for a rude *** answer ..."did this not occur"...i never said it would be a BAD thing if i am, i asked wondering bc i have only been off the shot for roughly almost ONLY THREE MONTHS

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