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Who do you think will eventually finish in 4th place as it still seems quite open for many teams ?

looking at the table, I can safely say the top 3 positions have already been secured by the current 3 occupying those positions.

currently in 4th its chelsea but behind them are teams like Man United, Tottenham, Sheffield United, Wolves and Arsenal.

I'm going to go with Man United to eventualy secure 4th.

what do you lot reckon ?

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    I think it will go Liverpool, City, Leicester, Spurs. But if Chelsea spend heavy in January they have more of a chance, they're the unknown enigma right now and they and Spurs are the only realistic contenders for 4th place. 

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    The top 3 spaces have basically already been decided with Liverpool, Leicester and Man City currently occupying those positions 4th place is still wide open with Chelsea, Spurs, Wolves and Man Utd in contention but they have all been hugely inconsistent so far one week it looks like one and the next week it looks like it could be the other and neither of them managed to win yesterday so none managed to take advantage of their rivals slipping up at the moment it's a complete toss up about who will grab that coveted final CL place you never know even Arsenal if they pick up a bit of form my drag themselves back into contention.

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    Hard to say. There's 20 points between 1st and 4th but only 14 between 4th and 18th (relegation), so a decent run could see someone rocket up the table. It will probably be between Chelsea , Spurs and Utd. I'd go for Spurs.

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    Haha you think ARSENAL is going near the 4th position then you are deluded

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    I'll go for Spurs as the manager will now look for others players to score apart from Ali +Kane 

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    The 'Kopite Kid' !

    i love it ! very creative mate ! ^_^


    who do I THINK will finish 4th i the league this year ?

    Manchester United. They have to finish 4th, theres no two ways about it - they simply must finish 4th so that they can work on that the following season under OGS.

    If they can find an extra 10 goals from the side, and if they can start turning draws into late wins that would be help them.

    This season is proving to be very difficult for everyone.

    Well almost everyone ! ^_^


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    Maybe Wolves. They are among the better teams in the whole league and they are strong enough to challenge any team in the league. They are also disciplined, coordinated and versatile.

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