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Confused about Cancer man?

I am a Scorpio woman and his cancer male. We were classmates and fast forward 20 years later.  I messaged him 2 months back. We had this mind-blowing connection and attraction over chat. Anyway, we share past so we had a lot to chat. He came on strong over chat and told me how he misses someone like me. He can be himself with me and it's like I know him etc.  He is smitten and doesn't know where he is headed and would appreciate If I can help him understand it.. if I am with him on this. A lot of other intense stuff.

I said yes and then added that it might be infatuation jokingly..all he said *hmm*and I figured he didn’t like so I apologized and added it's just me being skeptical as people aren’t this honest. Anyway, we chatted for few days and it was intense and passionate chat. We decided to take it easy and see where this goes. He also said that he doesn’t intend to rush as we both are in it together. I asked him to initiate chats as I don't feel comfortable and he agreed that he will but added he isn't a chat person. He also added that he is an introvert, shy, very moody and doesn't like to communicate much but agreed to meet me halfway. We talked over phone after this but he doesn't initiate calls a lot. Only twice.

Now it's been 2 months and I am confused by his behavior. Somedays I feel he is in love with me, somedays detached, not so keen to chat and then slightly talkative ..rinse and repeat. It has left me very confused.


Now he has become so tight-lipped about his feelings that I am confused and slightly hurting..we have this habit that we always say good morning on chat to each other..he doesn't ask much but if I don't say good mornin he does it and that's about it. I told him once that I miss him and he sent me an emoji. A few times it happened that I messaged him something emotional..he checked but didn’t reply and the next day in the morning sent a good morning message.

Update 2:

He always makes sure to let me know on chat whenever he misses my call. So that way he doesn’t ignore me. I told him a couple of times that it hurts me when he ignores my I saw a change in him but he went back to doing it again.... it's like I am chatting he suddenly stops chatting....then the next day he says good morning..Somedays my intuition says that he is in love with me but waiting for me to catch up and then somedays I feel he isn’t interested.

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    Like you said, he’s probably just very shy. It takes more than 2 months for a Cancer to fully open up, especially if they really like the person and don’t want to mess things up. If he’s made it verbally clear that he’s interested in you, then you shouldn’t worry. Don’t be afraid to express your concerns, if anything he’d appreciate your openness.

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    Of course it was infatuation. Love will not START to grow until a couple has been living together for 2-3 years, and then it takes another 20 years for it to blossom fully.

    Men often take a year of steady dating to become seriously interested in a woman. Unless they are infatuated right off, in which case they rarely stay infatuation for more than a year or two at the longest.

    Men who have decided to be serious do not blow hot and cold. They are consistent in their pursuit of you, because they are sure that other men will want you as much as he wants you .. and if he slacks off, he is giving them time to move in and steal you away.

    As for confusion, this happens when there is an unpleasant truth that we do not want to face. So by endeavouring to NOT face it, we create a fog of confusion. Somewhere inside, there is a whisper of truth, and as soon as you hear it and face it, your confusion will vanish.

    As for him being a Cancer, that is his SUN sign. Just one of 40-50 astrological factors in the unique birthchart for any given individual. It is easy to find, so Sun-sign astrology is a good scam for making money off the general public by writing. But it isn't really astrology.

    More than that, his Sun sign is useless for your question. Each of the 10 planets indicates a different inner need, and the only thing the Sun represents is how he needs to relate to HIMSELF if he is going to find an inner sense of wholeness. It has nothing to do with what he wants out of love, how he deals with his emotions, etc.

    And you don't need astrology. His actions clearly show that he is not serious about you. Not strongly attracted. Maybe just horny and sniffing around.

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    We enjoy the long rambling stories here but can’t take this seriously. You’re using astrology for excuses and to avoid personal responsibility.

    If you’re serious about the Tooth Fairy science, you’d go and see a professional astrologer. Don’t be cheap with your irrational beliefs.

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