Best piano keyboard?

Hi. I am looking to buy a piano keyboard. I want one that has a lot of instruments and one that can be plugged into a Mac and work with GarageBand etc.

Do you know of any?

1 Answer

  • 8 months ago

    There are so very many.  But you need to tell us what your keyboard skill level is.  Some of these fit the demands of highly trained/educated pianists - touch, response, tonal possibilities - weighted oversus synth/spring action, fine samples of Steinways, Bosendorfers, etc.  Others are built for people who can *get around* a bit on a keyboard, but many of the high-end features would be wasted - and the whole rig would be too heavy for their convenience. As far as connectivity and software input - well, 99 percent of them do.  Once you hit the roll-up monophonic keyboards- you have strayed too far from the path.  We have owned several keyboard in our careers - as well as a few gorgeous Steinways.  The keyboards were never a fair comparison - but served our performing/classical GIG needs, and connection to Finale, Sibelius, etc.

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