How are letters of recommendation sent to colleges?

My teacher is writing me a letter of recommendation. She asked where and when she should send them, and I have no idea! Should she send it to me and I send it to the colleges, or does she send them directly? Thanks

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  • MS
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    10 months ago

    There should be instructions in the application information.  Some schools want you to send all of your materials together, including letters of recommendation.  In that case, they usually have specific instructions on how the letters are sealed up.  Other schools will want the letters sent by mail or email directly to them.  In that case, they should provide an address and a deadline.  And finally, some schools do online applications, whereby the letter is uploaded directly to a website.  In that case, you provide the email address of the letter writer and the school contacts them directly.  In any case, YOU need to look at the instructions and identify what is required. 

  • 10 months ago

    You agree on the schools and she communicates directly. They are form letters. You do make application and refer to all of your letters of recommendation.Other places than high school. They want to know your level of social skills and how you interact with organizations. Leadership skills should have blossomed by now. Like you have seen the photo of high school Bill at the White House goggled eyed at Kennedy. Poor boy Bill had no trouble getting into Georgetown. He had too much Arkansas in him to go to Harvard. There is a lot of opportunity, so don't think you have to be in the league of Bill.

  • Enigma
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    10 months ago

    To the college admissions office???

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