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Aries woman, Leo male?

Hey there. So I have a Leo male coworker of mine, (28, I’m 27) who had been expressing interest in me for a few weeks. I decided to go for it and went out with all our coworkers one night after work. He couldn’t keep his hands off of me. We were making out all night, grabbing my boobs it was great. At one point he asked if I wanted to come back to his place, I actually said yes but then he changed his mind. No big deal or so I thought.

I hadn’t heard from him all weekend. That week at work he barely spoke to me and I barely spoke to him, I noticed him flirting with another girl (22) on the team who I’m kinda friends with. Not sure if this was to make me jealous or to subtly tell me to treetrunk off.

At the holiday party I avoided him the whole time except at the end when I said bye sexy and grabbed his tit. I guess he didn’t like that very much cause he talks to everyone on the team but me now . I still like him. I have no idea what I did. Should I bring this up? Or what? It’s so awkward now

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