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Are Aquarius the most humanitarian people who like to give charity? ?

No offense to anyone, but I don't understand why Aquarius are considered as the most humanitarian because I have not met any Aquarius who give a lot of charity, but then again, I never met people of ANY sign who donate a lot. I think almost everyone has given charity at least once in their life, including me, but I did it for a social activity from my school. I have noticed Aquarians like to treat their friends for lunch or dinner but perhaps it's because Aquarians are social butterflies and are extroverted. I actually think that Leo is the most generous zodiac sign because Leo is connected with the heart, so their hearts are so big. 

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    I know many aquarius who are too self absorbed in their own problems to care about giving but I also do know many who give of their time and talents to help others. I really think it's an individual thing.

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    Aqua women seem playful and nice they can be hard work at times

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    Astrologer Ziporah Dobyns (1921-2003) was the first astrologer to promote the idea that a sign, it's ruling planet, and the appropriate house all represent the same things.  In this case it would mean that Aquarius is the 11th sign in zodiacal order, so it represents what the 11th house represents and therefore Aquarius' ruler Uranus represents all the same things. This is called the zodiacal alphabet.  It's bogus.  Although there is some value in this for beginners, it just doesn't hold up.

    But because of this, Aquarius gets a good reputation.  The problem is that even the association between Uranus and Aquarius is strained.  Astrologer Robert Hand once called it "the worst." Possibly because of Uranus' association with revolutions the sign and the house became associated with groups, and from there "goals and aspirations." There is an enormous amount of pretzel logic required for this to hold up, but out of the chaos emerges an entirely fictitious version of Aquarius and that fiction is a Christ like concern for humanity, usually expressed by a socialist agenda.

    Aquarius is a fixed air sign. It has nothing to do with revolution or humanity or humanitarianism. It has more to do with a "My way or the highway," worldview, and almost nothing to do with faith, hope and charity."  The 11th house main signification is "friends," usually really close friends. There is more and it is considered the most fortunate house in the chart.  It's natural significator is Jupiter. Jupiter is far more likely to be associated with humanitarianism than Aquarius.Comment from someone who doesn't know how to read:>Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, you idiot.<Never said it didn't.  The first paragraph clearly and obviously is explaining the position of Zip Dobyns. If reading comprehension isn't your forte, then I suggest leaving astrology to those who can manage it. PS Look 'It's bogus." 

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    No, My birthday is Feb 10 and I don't ever give to any charities, even when I just get paid. Horoscopes are for losers. Nobody does any of that stuff just because somebody said you're supposed to.  So me and everybody born in February and January gives to charities because I missed march by 2 seconds. haha hah hahahaha!! I read my horoscope and apparently I'm not even Aquarius if I go by what it says and what I actually do

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    >I don't understand why Aquarius are considered as the most humanitarian <

    Good observation.  It's a language error and a 20th century astrology error.  Aquarius is a HUMAN sign - not a humane sign. The constellation depicts a man carrying a water jar. The other human signs are Gemini, Virgo, Libra and Sagittarius is half human, in the Tropical zodiac that would be the first half. Libra is a machine, but it is a man made machine. All machines are man made, so it's a human sign. The other human signs are depicted as humans in the constellations. 

    Humanitarian was a kind of natural 20th century mistake especially after someone, not sure who, developed the zodiac alphabet: ruling planet = sign = house.  Aquarius is the 11th sign so it was erroneously considered the natural sign ruler of the 11th house, since the 11th is about the best house in the chart, Aquarius got the best reputation.  The true natural ruler of the 11th is Jupiter and its significance has nothing to do with Sagittarius or Pisces for that matter.

    The two most brutal regimes in human history were considered ruled by Aquarius, the USSR and Red China*. This came from the idea of "revolution" since many astrologers consider Uranus, the revolutionary planet, to be the planetary ruler of Aquarius.  That doesn't make any sense either. 

    Aquarius is a masculine fixed air sign.  In modern astrology this means they are only as open minded as their ideas are concerned.  If you aren't on board with what they think, they're fixed: you're wrong. In that sense the USSR, Red China rulership is correct. The freedom supposedly represented by Aquarius is the freedom to agree with them. 

    The idea of Aquarius and groups is also strange, but so is the idea of the 11th house and groups.  These are modern ideas that have no basis in the astrological tradition. 

    So, overall, you're right.  I'm sure there are humanitarians that were born with the Sun in Aquarius just as I'm sure the sign has its share of SOBs. But the associations that Aquarius currently has are strictly modern and even a limited examination shows them to be false.

    *Should anyone be interested the Third Reich is considered to be ruled by Scorpio. 

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    How many people of each sign does one need to know on a personal basis to form opinions? Five? Ten? Does age and gender matter at all? Certainly economics matter and we can eliminate children. Still, that’s a lot of individuals. You must have more free time than most.

    How do you know which people do give to charity? Do they show you their tax forms? What is your criteria for a reasonable amount to give to charity?

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    Aquarius are 50/50.. the ones in January tend to be good. The ones in February like to use people 

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    Individuals who socialize in the real world would automatically know the answer and are not naive enough to believe that only people born during a certain 30 day span have humanitarian traits just because of a man made up sign. People who socialize would also know that picking up the tab    is not something only 1 man made up sign does.

    Throughout history there have been many individuals who are noted as big humanitarian donors because of their contributions either privately or publicly announced and they have birthdays from Jan to Dec.

    Astrology is only entertainment 

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    Hmmm. I think to answer the specifics of humanitarian attribute among star signs we’d first have to recognise that any belief in character behaviour linked to made up names for clusters of stars is nonsense.

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