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Why is my vagina so dark?

The skin on the outside of my vagina is very dark, and I do not know why.


Actually, I'm not black. I'm white but I have olive skin.

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  • alan P
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    It's common for the genital area in both men and women to be darker than the rest of the body.  The area around the entrance of the vagina is called the vulva. 

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    If the skin on your nipples are the same color that is normal coloring and designed to engorge with blood and qi.

  • Layne
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    10 months ago

    I haven't heard much of Vagina colors and we did shower in gym, but who takes time looking.

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    1001% Normal

    Learn  about your Own Body

    plenty of info in libraries and online- You have to make the Effort to Educate yourself

    Inner labia vary in color a lot. They can be peachy, pinkish, reddish, brown, purply, black or even blueish, and they probably are not just one color throughout

    : it's common, for instance, for the edges of the labia to be darker than they are where they meet the clitoral hood or connect to the sides of your labia majora. 

    It's normal for the color of the labia to deepen or change with and through puberty. Just like there are changes to the penis and testicles during all of puberty, the vulva changes too, and it's more than the growth of pubic hair. 

    The mons, for instance, usually loses some of its fat and pulls up slightly, meaning that labia minora you couldn't see before may wind up being labia minora you now can see, even when you're just standing around. As well, both the labia majora and the labia minora will usually get larger over the course of puberty.

     Let's not forget that a lot of folks think all of puberty is a shorter process than it usually is: most folks aren't completely done until their twenties, and some finish a few years later than that.

    Looking to change the color -- or texture, or size, or shape -- of your labia to avoid embarrassment just doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

     Since it's normal for your labia to be the color they are, and sex with a partner is supposed to be about sharing exactly who we are together, trying to alter our appearance for a partner seems pretty counter to that aim.

     If we don't want to have to worry about what partners might think of our bodies, then we need to choose not to share them until we're comfortable with that vulnerability that they and we both will always have.

     Plus, there's nothing that can be done to change the color or texture of the labia.

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  • Sky
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    10 months ago

    Because there's no light in there.  [Note:  never insert a light bulb into your vagina.]

  • Lôn
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    11 months ago

    A photo would help.....

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    Genetics is the only answer I can think of, but its nothing to feel self conscious about if you do.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    because you're black? 

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