Girlfriend doing this what do I do! Feels like I’m treated badly?

Been together 4 months, she has a little boy and so do I, i do everything for him like the morning bottles, change him, feed him the bottles, get him ready for bed and play with him, so this is just the start, she expects it now she’s used to it I feel and nudges me when he needs a feed and says do the bottles or clean them or change him. Gets annoying sometimes as she is lazy with it now and I do it all Secondly, she’s 19 I’m 22, I tickle her back for hours every day, I compliment her, write her paragraphs sometimes, cuddle her to sleep, I am so loving towards her, she doesn’t really show her affection only when it suits her or she wants some attention, If we argue or fall out she doesn’t text me until I do then we sort it maybe a day later after a lot of arguing because she is always right. She speaks to me like dirt on texts when we fall out. I feel like I’m under the phumb, if we fall out she doesn’t make any effort to sort it, like she expects me to run back now I’m getting fed up, I love her so much but I feel like she doesn’t care. She gets moody a lot say if I say something but she doesn’t like it she goes in a mood for ages, she has a lot of hormonal moody swings, she says she’s got mental health which I’ve took into consideration but I feel like she’s taking the pure advantage out of me, expects everything but doesn’t return much. I do all the cuddling, cute texts, changing photos on Facebook to me and her (she hasn’t) it’s like she doesn’t care if we break up

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    11 months ago
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    You’ve spoiled her. Now you get to care for 3 babies!  Be glad she’s potty trained, eh?

  • 11 months ago

    Could you not have figured this out BEFORE you created a child with her? Work out some kind of schedule to share the childcare. 

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