I had a blood  disorder called thrombosis thrombomypecia purpura in March 2019?

I went to the store 10 minutes of coming back home I felt light-headed and dizzy.this home I rented for 3 years and 8months I ended up in medical intensive care and hospitali zed under going a blood transfusion and port in my chest and s lit of aphrensis treatments and retuxibab while in the hospital for 2 weeks and for 1 1/2 months out the hospital the entire basement had mold tried to tell the real estate company and it took them 4 months before they fixed the problem my furniture was ruined clothing I had in the basement was wet fur was growing the house was always hit no sir conditioning  .can I sue them.my palette count  never went back up my identical doesn't have this I wasn't born with this I am 45 years old.

Need some advice I'm still under the care of doctors.

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    FIRST STEP is to have a Physician write a sworn statement that the conditions in the house caused your problem.

    Then contact an attorney.

  • 8 months ago

    I don't think so, because thrombosis thrombomypecia purpura is believed to be caused by mold (or by lack of air conditioning). Known or suspected causes including genetics, an autoimmune disorder that attacks the enzyme ADAMTS13, cancer, pregnancy, HIV, and several medications, but not anything for which you are trying to blame the real estate company.

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