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Please help with this difficult social divorce situation?

So I’m going to a party December 28. My mom sister is having it for her daughter’s engagement. She’s invited my uncle and his soon to be ex-wife as we as their kids. My grandmother is very agitated and about fainted when she saw the uncle soon to be ex on the guest list. She noted to put him in a terribly awkward situation as well as the rest of us.

I like his soon to be ex-wife and they’ve been married 30 years. When I see her my grandmother noted that she is just going to say the words high and nothing else. My grandmother strongly dislikes her for a lot of reasons.

I suspect the soon to be ex will come and so how do I act in a way that’s gracious without making my grandmother mad? I really want to be nice store is I haven’t seen her in almost 2 years so I’ll be glad to see her. At the same time I it feels like I am supposed to hate her in order to be on good terms with the rest of the family.

Down the road this woman’s mother is going to die and I’m gonna want to make an appearance at the funeral as we’ve known her, I’m gonna get hell from my mother for that as my mother is not on good terms with the soon to be ex either because she’s on her brother side.

I’d like to get along with all in the family but my mom‘s family tends to view family as either in or out and so I wanna make sure I’m in. The aunt having the party is looked down on because she’s really nice to the enemies of the family as well as the friends and that’s why she is viewed by some as a whack job.


Please excuse anything that does not make sense as I’m talking into my phone so I just realized I might be serious grammar errors.

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    Be nice and if anyone criticizes you then it goes to show what poor character they are. 

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    8 months ago

    just ignore them

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    You act nicely and if your GM wants to pitch a hissy fit, that's only going to reflect on you.  Your GM does not get to dictate who others can and can't talk to in the family.

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