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Do you think that this is genuine or a brush off?

I was meant to meet a friend today, but it didn't really work out. I travelled quite a bit to meet them. They arrived quite upset and just wanted to leave. We walked to the underground station together (it took about 5 minutes).

She got back to me a few hours later saying 'Sorry about today - will rearrange for some time soon'.

I am tearing myself apart in tears thinking that it was my fault, and she must have not really wanted to see me in the first place. I am so self-critical and just think that it was my fault and that she (and everyone else) hates me. I had really been looking forward to this too.

She did say that she had her close friend staying with her this weekend, as this was the only weekend she could come and visit her before Christmas. She was also going to come today, but instead, my friend arrived alone. She told me about her close friend coming on Tuesday - I had arranged this date for a good few weeks.

I really, really want to see my friend again. I was so looking forward to this and catching up, but part of me just can't take going through the hurt of what I have gone through today again.

Do you think that this is genuine and that she really wants to arrange something with me again, or do you think that she never really wanted to see me in the first place and she is just saying this to try and feel better (I travelled about 70 miles today to meet). I could really do with some advice in guiding me as to whether to try and arrange something again.

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    It sounds like she has some serious emotional issues to deal with so give her space and kind of leave the door open for her to meet you again (maybe half way between where you live) if she feels like she wants to. In the meantime just get on with your life and put it down to people being able to have a bad day.

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    I don't know if she is genuine or not--but I do know she was incredibly rude today.  she let you travel an hr. to basically tell you she wasn't in the mood?  that seems very selfish and self centered to me.  If she does want to rearrange something I would say make her travel to you.

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