I had a dream last night about a girl named Emma (also alligators)?

I was In my REM state of sleep and during around the 3rd cycle I found myself to be in a sort of beach jungle amalgamation with a swamp-beach like lake that had Crocodiles that I called out to be alligators as I fell in and started to freak out, while in the lake while I was about 1 meter away from one of the aquatic reptiles. And almost immediately I was pulled out by Emma only to have her fall in and I pull her out of the water, (due to dream logic) I held her up in a reverse piggy back and she disregarded me falling in the water and instead only focused on me on how I was carrying her to a nearby school that formed in my 2nd cycle and what happens after that can only be confirmed by Emma herself.

Okay okay, The reason i'm making this question is because that was my first dream experience that had someone act like an actual person rather than staying in my expectations on what humanoids in my dreams do.

I made this just that just in case if Emma was real and could find this, and for literally no other reason.

Also Emma, If you find this I request for you to message me on Discord and tell me what you know so I can confirm 100% you were in my dream

Q: Emma did you find this?

[other info:

>Me and her were around the same age (13-15)

>Emma has blonde hair

>Emma has blue eyes

>She wears jeans for some reason (at a beach/swamp/jungle)

>She's very awkward despite having the confidence to pull me up from a lake filled with dangerous aquatic reptiles

>Warm Smile]

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