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Can a Conservative Support Transgender Rights?

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  • Their problems are not my problems. The only place where I disagree with them is if they try to circumvent my informed consent to be with a transgender person or my right to decide for myself if they pass my evaluation of male or female. I would like the freedom in this area. So long as they respect me, I will respect them. 

    I will not subscribe to a theory of transgenderism unless I understand it to be accurate. But even if it is backed by science , it still needs to pass the subjectivity test.

    I do not want to be fooled. I want to know and decide for myself if I like what I see and agree with it. 

    Transgenders should not try to be exactly male or female or pretend not to be transgendered. But people should know who they are and come to an understanding. 

    Most hostility toward probably comes from them not respecting the people they are with and whom have not yet come to terms with transgenders. They have not been allowed to come to terms. 

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    Depends what you mean by 'transgender rights'.  If you mean they should receive the same basic protections of law and be treated as people, I'm all in.  We have a trans woman (meaning born a man but pretending to be a woman) at our work.  I call her using feminine pronouns and by her female name as she wishes.  I have no problems with any of that.  

    HOWEVER, if you mean that a man pretending to be a woman should be allowed to compete in women's sports or go into the women's restroom or that the state should pay for gender reassignment surgery and drugs, then no.  I don't consider those 'rights'.

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    People have the right to dress however they want, but anyone who is unable to admit their biological gender is an idiot. It is impossible to change genders. Whatever gender you were born as, you always will be. It's the same logic as if a black person were to identify as a white person or a white person to identify as a black person.

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    I support equal rights for all citizens. I don't support extra rights for any of your "protected groups".

    I don't support transgendering children. They should make that decision on their own when they are of age and mature enough for that important decision. And I think pushing a kid into it is downright evil.

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    I have never been a fan of issuing special rights , rules, programs and protections to some minority fringe group .

    I believe they should learn to get by with the same rights as everyone else .

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    We support the rights of the American people. We don’t divide with identity politics.

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    Very few do, but the vast majority don't.

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    Sure as long as the individual in question in a responsible citizen they have equal rights.

    Not More Rights!

    Constitutional Conservatives grant Equal Rights to All Responsible American Citizens.

    If you want to create Additional Rights we would have to see what Leftist Progressive Crap is included before approving.

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    Yes, they can. 

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