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Shouldn't parents cook at least ONE meal a day?

I have a concern. As a growing person, my only wish is for my parents to cook at least ONE meal a day. I know I might sound a little bratty, but if I say I'm hungry, shouldn't they do something? Whether they tell me to order something or help me with cooking, I don't care. But they just tell me to find something in the fridge. I know most people would say, you're old enough to cook your own food. But this is to the extreme. I'm younger than 15 and my parents never taught me how to cook. And my mom used to cook something, and tell us to eat it for a whole week. And then does the same thing next week. But now, she doesn't even do that anymore. I can't even remember when the last time I ate a home cooked meal. My parents either buy something to eat, or they make instant ramen. It's getting out of control. My mom says she's too tired to do anything, I feel like my dad doesn't care, my sister and brother probably don't mind, and I'm tired of being ignored in my own family for always saying, I just want my parents to teach me to cook or cook something. What should I do?

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    Your parents may or may not have reasonable reasons that they are not cooking, as a child, you really don’t understand the adult world and its demands and stresses.

    Here’s the thing, you can’t control other people, only yourself.  If you want a home cooked meal, learn to cook.  You don’t need someone to teach you, you can teach yourself from books.  I suggest you find a couple of decent cookbooks and use them to teach yourself to cook.  Not fancy cookbooks with food porn photos and complicated recipes using expensive ingredients, but good, basic and sound cooking instruction.  I particularly like Marion Cunningham’s “Learning to Cook”.  She is a very talented cook and writer and will walk you through the basics of everything.  You can pick up her book on for about $4.

    Some basic things to learn to cook:  Omelettes, pasta with sauce, roasted vegetables, roasted chicken, basic soups.  Cooking is partly about practice, so if you are paying attention, the more you cook the better you will get at it.

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    Learn to cook.  i was fixing my family dinner when I was ten.   Cooking videos are on Youtube. 

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    You could watch some youtube videos on how to cook. Boiling or roasting potatoes is easy.

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    If they are not going to help, then you help yourself. There are thousands of books, millions of websites and about as many videos on YouTube on cooking.

    It's tough not having caring parents, but you don't have to accept what fate handed you. You can take charge of your life and make it better for both yourself and your siblings. Cooking can be fun and it is definitely useful. Given the kinds of parents you have, you KNOW you are going to have to be self-sufficient and you KNOW someday coming up fast you are going out in the world on your own.

    You might as well learn to be your own man and learn something that is going to be useful in the future like eating well when you are on your own. It really is not hard. Just start out with some simple stuff like making a good breakfast or a decent snack, soup, etc. And slowly build up your knowledge.

    I had to do this not because of uncaring parents, but because when I was about your age my mother was seriously ill for a long time and my father was and still is basically useless in the kitchen - the man almost burn down the house boiling water. That bad.

    Today, the only thing I'm not good at is baking things completely from scratch. But I can make just about everything else. I eat better than many of my friends who eat out all the time and spend much more money than I do.

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    When I was 10 years of age I was cooking dinner for the whole family.

    When I was tired after 12 hours at work, my 10 year old daughter would cook dinner.

    You are apparently capable to reading on the Internet; means you can learn how to cook.

    Question:  "What should I do?"

    Answer:  Since whining doesn't work, learn how to cook. 

    Your parents would appreciate you doing something other than whining.

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    Yes, they should do that every day.

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    You are not too lucky.  My late parents cooked for me until I got of the house and even when I was just visiting.  Try to learn how to cook and leave the house when you can.  Your parents do not care much for you.

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    kids if old enough can cook for themselves

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    9 months ago

    No. Stop being a spoilt brat.

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