Is this a sinus infection?

I have been to the doctors a few times now and they just send me back with nothing because it can apparently be treated at home. I have been diagnosed with it in the past and it’s the same exact symptoms as of now, I have cheek pain, sometimes a headache, but my nose is not as blocked, no coloured discharge, just clear discharge and primarily the pain in on my lower jaw on one side.

I have no teeth problems or gum problems, it’s more like the pain is on my jawline,

Could this be something else? As I’m a hypochondriac and when I told the doctor about the lower jaw pain, she was surprised and found it strange.


Normally a warm compress soothes and eases the pain. 

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  • 11 months ago

    that can totally be a sinus infection-last year I had a sinus infection after getting sick and it caused sensitivity all up and down one side of my teeth along the jawline---I went and got Sudafed (behind the pharmacy counter--they will treat you like a meth head) but it was worth it--it took like a month before it cleared up. (went to dentist who confirmed it was NOT tooth or gum pain)

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    you dont have gum problems but

    you have a weak gum

    try a "gum care" type herbal toothpaste

    that contains clove oil

    clove oil strengthens the gums

    then only the jaw and cheek pain will

    go away

    for now apply a hot water bag to the cheeks0

  • k w
    Lv 7
    11 months ago

    if you drink milk, stop for 6months and see what happens...yes I'm serious, I got rid of all my allergies from quitting dairy, took a few months but I can breathe once again,

    I can drink rice milk if I want, no side effects.....

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