Guy I'm dating doesn't text me a lot, nor does he see me every week. Haven't made things official with me as yet.?

 I have been dating a guy for 6 months, and every Saturday he takes me out on a date. Lately, he's been going about two weeks without seeing me. When I ask him if we're going out, he'd tell me that he has a family event to go to. He works and is always so busy throughout the week that he can't see me until the weekend, so it bothers me that sometimes I can't see him. What makes me more unhappy is that he doesn't answer my texts fast, and we hardly get to have a conversation. He's so busy with his job that I can't even text him. 

When we do go on dates, I try to get him to take photos with me and he always gives me an excuse that he's not in the mood for it. We only got one photo together, and I wanted to post it on Instagram but he doesn't want me to do that either. He just keeps telling me "soon" for everything!!! Even when I ask him when can I meet his parents and when will we make things official. He'd say "soon"!!! UGH but he already knows my family. I feel like something is wrong, and I don't know what it is. It's been SIX MONTHS!!! I have been waiting too long 


We haven't had sex at all. When I bring it up, it's like he gets uncomfortable and doesn't wanna talk about it

Update 2:

I've talked to him about it. He seems to get upset and calls me annoying and tells me that he's too busy with work

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  • 9 months ago

    Dude...he's married or in another relationship. And if he truly is single and dating you then all you are is a companion because that's all he has time for. If you're not worth his time now, you won't be later. If he truly respected and liked you he'd tell you other than dates you won't be in his life till he sorts things out. Instead he is stringing you a long. Even my hook up buddies introduced me to parents and friends after a month, if guys banging me can do it ther is NO excuse for someone that claims to be dating you can't make time. And not taking pictures??? Sketchy. My boyfriend hates taking pictures but he is happy to post them when we take them and always asks to take one with me when we're on holidays or dressed up. There should be some effort.

    This guy has tons of red flags.

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    9 months ago

    He's not your boyfriend and it's not a relationship, and sounds like he's okay with it just as it is. If you've been waiting too long, thats on you. Probably time for you to go.

    Eta - You can't text him because of work, you barely have conversations, you get one date once a week, he doesnt want pictures together. In six months? Forget "making it official," you're barely dating at all.

    Have you been to his house, spent time there together? Understand that this is very low key, almost secret for a reason.

  • 9 months ago

    Once a week, and certainly once every two is a long time between dates. If you are having sex with this guy it may be all he is after. If he was as into you as you are into him I think this whole thing would look much different. I would give up on this guy. You are letting him drive the whole relationship, It sounds like it's all on his terms. I can't believe you've let this go on for 6 months. You may be his dirty little secret.

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