Is this collusion? ?

It’s a dynasty league with no trade deadline originally. Another manager who isn’t in the playoffs sent me a trade offer for a pick next year and I accepted. The league went nuts, and we ultimately sent a return trade to negate it; just so there were no issues. This wasn’t planned and I made out more for this year, but the other manager had no reason to give me more of an edge to win; he had much closer friends in the league. Me being just an  acquaintance  really. I think it just made my team too good and they were scared. I got into the playoffs with the sixth seed, so wasn’t like I was dominate. Whether it be not etiquette (first time really paying attention to fantasy football closely) , being called a cheater isn’t sitting well. What do you think? No one says anything with trades like this, if it happened two weeks prior 

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  • 8 months ago

    You ask if it's collusion, but you never say what the trade was!  What pick did you give up and who did you get?  In a dynasty league, it's very common for people to trade picks for current players and try to position themselves for next year.  But it does depend on who he gave up.  It would look a lot more suspicious if he gave up a promising rookie than someone like LeSean McCoy.   Also, if someone  was crushing it now due to injury, but will probably lose a lot of catches or carries next season, this is a trade that also makes sense.   Helps both of you.

    Overall, though, it doesn't sound like collusion.  What it DOES sound like is your league needs a trade deadline.  I learned the hard way why this matters.

  • 8 months ago

    If you knew the definition of collusion, you wouldn't ask if that's what it was.

    If a dynasty league isn't going to have a trade deadline, I'm surprised there aren't trades during the playoffs every season (that's why there should be a deadline)

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    **** you should be careful. They will probably open up an investigation and take you to court. Tradegate. 

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