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Gift giving etiquette question ?

So my bestfriend and I were talking about Christmas and he suggested we go halves and buy my boyfriend a Nintendo switch for Christmas I agreed because hes been wanting one but out of nowhere he said it's also a gift for you aswell ....two things bother me even though they probably shouldn't but .. 1. he knows I have my own switch and 2. Why am I paying for half a gift he is no saying is for bothe of us? Am I a bad person for feeling offended my friend is making me pay half the cost of a gift?


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    Being offended is always a choice -- and it doesn't change anything.  I think your friend is just saying he won't be getting you anything.  If you are upset, offended, hurt, miffed, angry, or whatever -- be brave and address the issue directly with this friend rather than let it poison your attitude. 

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    There is no obligation for you to agree to your friend's suggestion, if doing so makes you feel uncomfortable or you simply feel this is not right for you. Given your uncertainty, have a conversation with your friend and explain your feelings/thoughts.

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    maybe you should tell her youre offended if you dont want to do it

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    Why would the two of you split a gift for your boyfriend? That's odd in itself. I wouldn't feel offended, I'd either say yes or no - and wonder why my friend was wanting to do this at all.

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