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Why some people abandon their parents in nursing homes?


They put their parents in nursing homes, because they say they can't take care of their parents (it complicates their lives) they don't visit their parents because as per they say "they are taking good care of them". They don't want to receive bad messages from them because they get hysterical, they want to sell their homes when "dad is alone has dementia" and never visited  the dad even when he was living in his house alone. Bad children

Update 2:

And they also have children they want  to spend their time visiting their children, but they forgot their own parents They go to church they become active in community, but in reality is just a front.

Update 3:

And  during the Christmas they are having all these activities to visit their children while parents are alone in a nursing home, but "oh they are taking care of them". In reality they are alone in a nursing home while the bad child, are just enjoying their lives   Hopefully karma will hit them when their own children do the same to them. Oh, but they say, that will never happen, they want to control their own children

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    I used to work in a nursing home (for a few years) and yes, some people never got visitors or only received visitors on holidays. Most people had family regularly visiting.

    I took care of my mom until she died. She actually belonged in a nursing home where she could get more professional, medical care. But she didn't want to go to one, so i never put her there. For me, it wasn't about extending her life, because she wasn't going to live any longer if she were in a nursing home. I think she'd have been more comfortable and her medical needs would have been met more readily by professionals who knew how to help her or keep her more comfortable during her last days. i would certainly have gone to see her daily. But some people are scared to death of nursing homes. I would prefer one for myself, to be honest.

    Most take good care of their patients.

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    Pearl never went to see her parents when they were in  nursing home. NEVER.

    How awful.

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    some have no choice...... others just don't give a s**t

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    i think its cause their parents mightve been abusive to them so they cant handle being around them

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    Well, first, not all people do this.  When my grandma had to go into a nursing home, my mom and aunt took turns visiting her every day, and us "kids" came by as often as we could   When you talk about people abandoning their parents, obviously you're seeing this as a bad thing, and in some cases, that's true.  The older person's kids might be insanely selfish, or they consider their parents a burden and don't care what happens to them.  Maybe they're greedy and all they care about is their inheritance.

    However, it's naive to assume this is always the case.   For one thing, the parent in that nursing home raised these adults.  What if the parent was verbally or physically abusive, or never cared about their kids?  In that case, these adult kids "do the right thing" in terms of finding a good place where their parent will be safe and cared for.  But if they have no interest in visiting, they may have a very valid reason.   

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    I'm visiting a friend in a nursing home more than his own family  His daughter was crying when she put him in a nursing home, you'll see in a month, they cry will stop. When he was in his own house she was barely visiting, and she lives very close to his house, imagine now, she has to drive more, has to bring things and wash his clothes. She is hiring people to do it so her time will be minimal when she visits him.  Personnel working there says that many children dump their parents and don't even visit.

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    I see my MIL every week. Her own daughter hasn't visited her in months.

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