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Do customers have any right to be angry if the fast food delivery driver has parked their vehicle in the customers private car park?

Under such circumstances does the customer have any rational reasons to be angry?

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  • 10 months ago

    Only if they are blocking the people that pay for those spots.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Yes, if it says 'customers only'

  • 11 months ago

    Delivery drivers park where they can and move on just as soon as they can. The 'right' to so so is commonsense.

  • 11 months ago

    What is more unfair is the big chains even getting involved in delivering, that was keeping the independents going, now bully McDonald's is starving them of the bit of selling power they had, greedy, they survived until recently without doing it.

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  • Biff
    Lv 7
    11 months ago

    They have to park somewhere but the fact the fast food outlet offers delivery means you will have to wait longer for your meal which is a reason to be angry.

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