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Why are video games cinematic look so polished compared to the actual game play graphics, are game developers kind of tricking you?

I just bought Call of Duty Modern Warfare and I notice the cinematic look so lifelike and smooth compared to the actual game play.  Although the game play graphics are nice but you can tell it's different than the cinematic.  I notice this with Final Fantasy games as well.  Is it going to take another 20 or 30 years before you would not notice the difference with cinematic graphics compared to the game play graphics?


Sorry, I should've mentioned my rig.


32gb ram

970 Samsung M.2 NVME drive

4 Terabyte Samsung SSD drive

850 Watt EVGA Power supply

Nvidia GTX 1080

ASUS maximus viii hero motherboard

Update 2:

@vic_viper_001, yeah I know what you mean.  I grew up owning my first video game console in the 90s with Playstation and I remember the cimematics in Tekken and Soul Edge fighting games looking very beautiful compared to the polygonal shape game play.  Video games have a come a long way and even my 80 year old dad is impressed with the quality.  

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    Probably because the cinematics aren't using the actual in-game graphics engine. It's usually a pre-rendered cutscene with much more detail than the graphics engine is capable of.

    Just be happy we're no longer in the 90s. We used to have grainy FMVs with barely PS2 quality CGI, and blocky in-game polygons that were a night and day difference. 

    The gap between cutscenes and in-game graphics is much less than it used to be. 

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    Potentially difference in your computer processor and graphics card? Not sure what specs you have but games will always advertise on the best possible engine. Plus promos are usually just videos, so your processor will have no effect on the quality.

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    i would hope not

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