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Do you think I am a loner?

I'm a nice person and like people, but I was bullied a bit and they'd say I was ugly and a loner.

I had friends but I just didn't hang round in a big group all the time like the bullies.

Years later Im living alone but not out of choice! It's just my relationships haven't worked out.

I see my family and three close friends, but I've drifted apart from some friends.

I'm quite quiet and introverted but I do get lonely. 

I think the bullies voices are still in my head a bit. 

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    No, you are not a loner ! You enjoy time with your family and your friends. There is nothing wrong with being an introvert and quiet. I, myself are like you. Quiet and introverted, but I love people. I do get tired and need my own space but like you I am definitely not a loner. I must say that I often have pushed myself out of my comfort zone because I am shy and quiet but over the years I have learned to be balanced. We are all different and some people need to be around others all the time, while people like yourself need some space. Try not to dwell on the bullies of the past. They have long disappeared and they can’t hurt you anymore. Today you are a different person. You are an adult now. Kids can be horrible, but it is in de past and what they said then was immature, untrue, unkind and childish.

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    sounds like it, maybe you should get a pet if youre lonely

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    no , I like being alone.

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