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Would it be bad if I were to add a Vacced account to a new phone ?

Would it be bad if I were to add a Vacced account to a new phone ? (for authentication)

Story: I have a Vac banned account that was once linked on my old Iphone 6. Recently I got a new phone (Note 9) and have just added that vacced account to it. Will this contaminate the phone and ban any future accounts (With different phone numbers) that are added to my new phone?

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    According to Steam's Help files, all accounts associated with your phone number will get VAC banned at the time when the VAC infraction was incurred.

    HOWEVER, Steam does NOT impose VAC bans on your phone number...  so using your phone number on a new account will NOT trigger a VAC ban on said account (unless the account was used on the same computer that originally triggered the VAC ban)...  This is just to keep things fair for all so that you cannot get a VAC ban just from randomly getting a new number (as there's only a pool of 10 Thousands per city prefix, 10 Million per area code, 10 Billion per country & roughly 10 Trillion in the world... but you'll have to subtract all residental & commercial landlines as well as data lines, so the pools can be considerably smaller) that somebody may have poisoned sometime in the past.

    Hope that clear things up!

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    i would hope not, i would just ask the phone company about it

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