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Why are girls less loyal than boys in a relationship?

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    This is true.  I must have dated over 100 divorced women since my own divorce.  I would say about 70% of them cheated on their husbands.  Movies and TV show it the wrong way.  Most men aren't dogs.

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    Girls actually tend to be more loyal in principle. Boys are noisy. Girls and women usually have a more highly evolved sense of loyalty and honour;however, centuries of abuse by males can put a man into a separate category. When a man is "a man" as such and an abuser, loyalty may be reassessed. A man who can win women's hearts on the basis of equality as a peer and a Feminist finds that women are the most loyal humans you can ever hope to make friends with. Check your own character. 

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    Because men are abusive and women don't wanna stay with someone like that, while the guy tries to hold onto the woman because he needs someone to control and abuse

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    Sadly they have the advantage of shopping around for a rich man and it's nice to have a choice of a number of men to choose from.

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  • 10 months ago

    They are at an advantage

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    10 months ago

    I think that's only western women but with Eastern its the other way around. Middle eastern indian etc. Men aren't as loyal as women are of these cultures

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    it is true, and the reason is most women are disappointed in their marriage because he did not provide the prefect world with lots of money. 

    Women as girls want to leave moms control and want security BASED IN MONEY

    most men do not make enough money and life even with money can become boring

    a man comes home to his wife everyday OH BOY WIFE LETS HAVE SEX

    she is no I had that it was not fun

     So she leaves him looking for excitement and renewal.  looking for dime store novel romance (that is not real)  

    there are many men at some point after being used by ex-wife look for these women and see them as easy targets for easy sex... (I did ) ... these women OFTEN go back to the man they screwed over in divorce ... But he is not up the same abuse she handed out before - so it does not work because she has not learned to be happy. 

     But there are more men who are lonely and want to find a wife,,, after she is used a lot by the sex hunters they settle with a new boring man...... and as things are still boring and she often lapses to her same neglect her man ways.... after man # 3 they often end up being mean and bitter saying life screwed her.  Problem is excitement is what you make of it. and there is not enough men with money to fund the ideas most women have... and to be harsh.... most of them are not as good looking as they were and there are more women with looks than men with money. 

    But the real answer to your confusing is you like most men are more NEEDY!

    emotionally men need affirmation from women,, women need comfort and security of money 

    You are needy and that is mans weakness 

    are women ever needy?  AT TIMES but in short burst and longer distance in between

    this confuses men very much today she is all love and wants you,, next day he comes home ready for more and she is all NO get away. 

    this is what cause the high number of men suicide than women 

    FYI the good part for men after 40 years of age and after 50 men can pick and choose and women have to live on weak tools

     (age takes from women and adds to men charm)

    and there is a second part makes it better for men wanting women 

    many men over 50 just leave the circus of dating and trying to please women

    leaving the numbers of women to men very lopsided and the smarter women learn to please these men ... those women who never learn get ignored 

    FYI those women who were very attractive in their teens and twenties after never learn... but those plain gals age better and look attractive older and have better personalities ..  

    REALITY sucks do your best to be happy alone and you will fine a good person to be with 

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    I believe you have that half witted claim turned backwards!

    It is almost always the other way around!

  • 10 months ago

    Because girls can get another boyfriend. Most boys cannot get another girlfriend easily.

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    10 months ago

    Noo they ain't like that, why you say this even..

  • 10 months ago

    Subtle and seductive mirrored windows seek seeds. However, consummated by marriage people meet via different principles I guess.

    Brake the word, and so shall the marriage be.

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