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A bicycle and rider with the mass of 112kg traveling 10m/s puts on the brake and skids to a stop. The coefficient of the sliding friction ?

between rubber tires and wet pavement is 0.21.

Draw a free-body diagram showing all forces acting on the bike while it is skidding. Include the size and direction of the car's acceleration. 


I need some additional help.  Thank you to anyone who can help me with this in detail. I'm very much confused. 

How would I figure out acceleration?

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    YA doesn't have a graphics option.

    Draw the bike and rider.  Force of gravity acting down = mass of bike + rider * g.  Force from the pavement acting up is the same.

    Frictional force from the braking is opposite to the direction of travel = mass of bike + rider * g * 0.21

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