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What is your opinion of Winston Churchill?

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    Some people think that he should have been executed in WWI, but I am not sure. He did leave his regiment while on active service, ostensibly to pursue his political career, but whether this actually amounts to desertion or not is debatable. Others say and his actions in South Africa might have got him on a warcrimes charge, but again this is not certain. It was all a very long time ago, and we all got to watch a lovely state funeral, so thats all right.

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    My opinion is that he is dead now.

  • Biff
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    The right man for the job in WW2. That voters so quickly dumped him and his government in 1945 suggests he wasn't otherwise a popular politician.

  • Anonymous
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    A murdering alcoholic terrorist who started his day with a whiskey that sent the black and tans and auxiliaries to Ireland to terrorize the people, burn down towns and rape women, he also ordered the bombing of civilians in Dresden during WW2, a truly awful man

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    Great Briton.. active and involved in 3 wars.

    Put the country first, unlike todays politicians who's career comes first before country  

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