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What’s the best route of becoming an intelligence analyst?

I am applying to about 7 schools. I picked “intelligence analysis” for the majority of the school’s majors, and I planned on possibly minoring in Arabic; however, I then read an article that government agencies typically don’t employ students with majors in intelligence analysis because it isn’t specific enough. I also planned on getting my masters one day to make sure I am very prepared for a job, and another question is, does the school of choice for the undergraduate degree mater? I really love Coastal Carolina, for example, but it isn’t necessarily as respected as somewhere like American University or even JMU. Also, Coastal doesn’t have Arabic, which makes it difficult because I loved the school, but now I’m not sure what to do. I have about a 4.35 GPA and a 1420 SAT, so other schools are within reach. A reason I wanted to go to a smaller one is because I would get more money, and if I want my masters, I wouldn’t have as much debt. I’m unsure of what’s best for me right now

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    There is NO " intelligence analyst" major. Intelligence analyst is a job description or title, like spatial analyst. Spatial analysts major in physics, astronomy or astrophysics, geology, geophysics or cultural or physical geography and usually have masters degrees and may have specialized in remote sensing and GIS like. I did. I majored in American history, earth sciences/geology and physical geography. I earned an M.S. ABT in geophysics and an M.S. in geology. Fo you want read my 160/page master's thesis? It is available online.


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    They are looking for people who speak in-demand languages, accounting majors (especially forensic accountants - “follow the money”), cyber-security and forensic computer analysts.

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    Ask yourself this: If the government does not hire you, what can you do with a degree in "intelligence analysis" from an obscure third tier institution? (I never heard of Coastal Carolina University.)

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    Fluency is either Chinese, Arabic or Korean is important.   There is no required major, but an emphasis in forensic accounting and computer networking would be a good choice.

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