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Spit after run?

Today my wife ran a cross country run. She runs a lot and often spits/drools after a race onto the floor or into the bushes. Today she hacked a big spit onto the ground in front of a small crowd and got a few funny looks as if this was a problem. Should I say something to her, or is it ok for her to do that?

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    You have an odd obsession with phlegm, Jenny. The same etiquette applies out running as anywhere else in public. Why pretend you have a wife when you commend on other people's answers in your questions, and claim that YOU are the one who spits phlegm?  

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    People often find it gross when people spit doing exercise, but I personally know that I get a lot of buildup in my chest when I run and if I don't spit it out it gives me stomachache to swallow it. It's all down to opinion, but if you need to you need to. Some people might find it gross, but I'd rather make a few strangers uncomfortable than give myself stomachache.

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