Wouldn’t this country in pretty bad shape if ethical people weren’t willing to be exploited?

After all, the wealthiest seem to have the fewest morals. And pay the fewest taxes, if they pay any at all with offshore tax havens, etc. The same goes for wealthy corporations. Many of which pay no corporate taxes. And yet these wealthy entities don’t seem to have any qualms about getting a free ride in the backs of others. . So in a sense it’s the people who can least afford to support this country who end up doing it because they feel an obligation in the moral responsibility.   So where would this country be without such people? The ones who are willing to be exploited because they believe in doing the right thing?

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  • 8 months ago
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    Yes. Sigh . 

    No good deed goes unpunished/the meek shall inherit  

    .......six feet of Earth?

    The good/bad stuff goes on and on and - I have no immediate global solution but tears. ;(

    "We are working upon it/ There are lessons to be learned." 

    No wonder we need .. God (Yahoo explodes in a frenzy of disagreement ).

    Erm....Sorry.(am o`d`d on political bull#hit - it rubs  off on one.) 

  • 8 months ago

    The rich pay 50% of the taxes.  Us in the middle class pay the next 50%.  And the bottom 50% pay little to nothing.  The tag line 'the rich need to pay their fair share' is BS.  They already do.  The Democrats won't be happy till the rich pay all the taxes.  And everyone else pays nothing.  

  • You clearly need to research the subject.  Your premises are flawed due to ignorance and assumption.  And frankly, part of the problem is that the wealthy pay too much of the taxes....when one percent of the population pays for nearly half of the government funding (yes, that's true in the US), who do you think has the most political power?  And the corporations that pay no taxes (for mysterious reasons, you quote no examples to discuss specifically)....how many jobs do they create and pay for with the money that would otherwise be used for entitlements?  I suggest for your answer, you go do some homework, and rethink your inquiry from a viewpoint of knowledge and preparation.

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    8 months ago

    Quote: "After all, the wealthiest seem to have the fewest morals. "

    Comment: "seem" is the operative word. How many wealthy people do you actually know? Very few is my guess. You certainly aren't qualified to speak about all of them, or even a simple majority. FAIL

    Quote: "The same goes for wealthy corporations. Many of which pay no corporate taxes"

    Comment. That's not a question of ethics, it's all about the way the tax laws are set up. Blame your Congressman and Senators for that, not the corporations.

    Quote: "And yet these wealthy entities don’t seem to have any qualms about getting a free ride in the backs of others."

    Comment: It's anything but a "free ride". Obviously you've never had a real employee in your life and you fail to appreciate what a pain in the **** the average American employee is to take care of, especially in the lower income brackets, They are a huge cost and often a detriment to American business. A goodly number are lucky they don't get pitched out on their heads for being so unhealthy, so poorly educated, and so unproductive, unmotivated and ungrateful. The unions take a lot of blame for that, and so do the politicians who pander for their votes by sponsoring stupid things like minimum wage laws and every other liberal left wing law that makes it damned hard for American corporations to be competitive in the world market. I invite you to move to North Korea or Iran if you don't like it here. 

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    < And pay the fewest taxes >

    Right, who do you think is paying them? 


    Top 1% pay nearly 40% of the Federal income taxes.

    Top 5% pay nearly 60% of the Federal income taxes

    Top 10% pay 70% of the Federal income taxes

    Bottom 50%?  3%


    Now, I realize we pay more than just income taxes (sales, property, use taxes, etc) and those fall proportionally harder on lower income people.

  • 8 months ago

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