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help me pleasssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee?

so 2 days ago, my dad ordered a gift for one my friends for my gift exchange at school, and it said it would come by today. He also ordered another gift for my bestfriend, which would also come by today. He ordered the one for gift exchange first, then the one for my bestfriend after. so today, the one for my bestfriend came FIRST, even though I didn't order that one first. and now im here wondering if the one for the gift exchange is even showing up. so, will orders be delivered in the order that you ordered them?

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    Depends where he ordered it from and where the dispatch is. For example you can order two things off Amazon, but Amazon is just the host. In reality, the items come from different sources, the makers. So if I order two books, one might be in a bookstore in the next town over, but the other might be in another country, though Amazon will deliver them to me, so one will get there before the other. Ask him to check the order, it might have a tracker on it

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    No one can tell you this. Your dad will have to log onto where ever he ordered the gifts from and check tracking. I've bought most of our gifts online and some show up on time and some do not.

    As I tell my own kids you can't wait until the last moment to tell your parents things. If you need a gift then your parents need to know a week ahead of time, not 2 days before. Never order anything online if it is time-sensitive and needed by a certain date that is just a few days away. That is why there are stores in your area where you can buy them be done with it.

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    Not necessarily, no. They're delivered as the items are available. Everything isn't stored in the same location, thus the differences in delivery.

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