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ng18 asked in HealthMental Health · 10 months ago

Mild depression medication that helps with productivity?

I've seen the same therapist for two years and over that time I've been helped leaps and bounds through cognitive talk-therapy, really getting to the root of problems. But I'm still struggling with the deflating, motivation-killing aspects of depression. I should also mention I've never been officially diagnosed as my psychologist feels neither the labels of diagnoses nor medicine to be productive or helpful. I understand that, and for the most part agree, but the demons still live with me, eating away at my self-worth, creativity, stamina, and often physical health. Something needs to change and I'm beginning to doubt I can move forward much more without some more powerful help. Do you think I should consider medication and are there any that help with concentration and productivity? 

I should mention I'm a 24-year old gay male.  

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  • JB
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    10 months ago
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    Outside of therapy, medication is the standard adjunct.  I'm a little surprised that your psychologist hasn't at least discussed this avenue with you, and it would be unusual for him/her to not at least ask you what your thoughts are on seeing a physician- colleague, aka a psychiatrist.   If being labeled concerns you, surely your therapist has thoughts on the issues you discuss & work on, which would involve labeling.

    Two years is a considerable amount of time spent with this therapist, and for them not to present some ideas that would help you move forward is unusual ,if not certain reason to begin seeing another therapist on your own accord.  I know I would.

    You close with specifically asking if there are medications to "help with concentration and productivity," which to me comes across almost as drug seeking: OF COURSE there are medications prescribed for all manner of conditions, including some that have a street value and may initially seem to cure you -- until the bubble bursts.

    In any case, prescription medicines would be obtained under the supervision of the prescriber, of course, otherwise there is the OTC nootropic & supplement markets which are absolutely endless.

    I wish you the best of luck, and if your therapist is opposed to you at least consulting with another therapist then there really is something wrong there.

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    Maybe doing some online research for Brain Gut Health would help. Our gut health and our mental health are directly related.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Try taking 5-HTP

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