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My stepsister is a narcissistic sociopath with borderline personality affective disorder. Do I let my daughter around her?

The stepsister is out and invited to Thanksgiving and Christmas. I stayed home with my daughter at Thanksgiving but it was very lonely, I’m tempted to do Christmas despite the narcissistic sociopath with borderline affective personality disorder being there

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    Do it and enjoy your family, but TAKE CONTROL OF THE SITUATION.

    Keep your daughter close by and don't hesitate to correct this step-sister if she causes harm or drama.  Correct her in public.

    This way, your daughter will see what is acceptable behavior and what is not.  And this will also help your step-sister to stay on her program and display appropriate behavior.  Nothing less should be tolerated.

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    Putting someone in a box is no way to raise a child. How old is she? Then tailor your discussion appropriatly in your explanation.

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    8 months ago

    Your stepsister would be a better parent than you. You should give her your child to raise.

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