What the best class to a career in Data Science? (Machine Learning & Data Mining or Database Management Systems)?

I'm currently doing a double major in computer science and statistics. I am hoping to go into the data science career field after college. I have to take one more upper division computer science course left to take. I'm not sure which one to chose?  

Machine Learning & Data Mining or Database Management Systems. Thanks!


CS 4232: Machine Learning & Data Mining

Introduction to primary approaches to machine learning and data mining. Methods selected from decision trees, neural networks, statistical learning, genetic algorithms, support vector machines, ensemble methods, and reinforcement learning. Theoretical concepts associated with learning, such as inductive bias and Occam's razor. This is a potential Master's project course.

Update 2:

CS 4322: Database Management Systems

Study of database management fundamentals focusing on the relational data model. Topics include database organization, file organization, query processing, concurrency control, recovery, data integrity, optimization and view implementation.

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