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Why is hating on man haters. Means you hate all women?

I dont know if you knew this feminsts. But most women dont hate men like you do. 

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    "Why is hating on man haters. Means you hate all women?"

    Prominent feminists are all on the record with either their publicly documented disdain for men, or their silence on the matter.  But NEVER challenging a man-hating prominent feminist, EVER!  This is as good as it gets.

    Self-proclaimed feminists, the vast majority of feminists, are all over the place regarding how they feel about men.  This is why so many "feminists" (self-proclaimed feminists) always defend feminism as if it is what --THEY-- believe to be feminism.

    Of course, this is the biggest part of the problem.  MOST people talking about feminists are referring to the PROMINENT feminists that hold positions of power in the mainstream feminist movement.  Self-proclaimed feminists on the other hand defend all of feminism, including the man-hating radicals, by defining feminism the way they do personally, while holding no power or authority to define feminism at all.


  • Foofa
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    8 months ago

    Funnily enough most feminists don't hate men either. But every group has its fringe extremes.

  • Lily
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    8 months ago

    Nah, we just hate men like you.

  • 8 months ago

    I don't really hear much about feminists anymore.  I think that fad is over. 

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