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What's your favorite anime movie ending?

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    This boy likes this girl. But every time he ask her out on a date, she travels back in time to avoid the question. Then one day, one of her friend road on her broken bike taking his girlfriend home. She try to stop them but she was out of time trevals and they were killed by a train. She wouldn't stop crying so the guy who liked her traveled back in time to prevent the accident from happening. But now he's got to say goodbye because he messed up and someone from the present found out about time travel. She spent every second thinking about him and realize she loved him too. She was heart broken and then she saw that she had 1 time travel left. His 1 last time travel give her 1 more time travel. So she used her last time travel to go see him but he still had to say goodbye.

    A little girl met a man in the forest. The man told her he was a fox spirit. She didn't believe him at first but every year as she got older, he stayed the same age. He became her best friend and she looked forward to visiting the forest behind her grandmother's house every year. Then she feel in love with him but he was unable to touch a him for he will disappear. One night as he was walking her home from a ghost festival, a little boy tripped and fell, he grabbed the boy and help him up. The boys thanks him and ran away, then he notice he was slowly disappearing. The boy he touched was human. Then he cast off his mask and said, you can kiss me now. They shared one kiss and he disappeared. She will never forget the time she spent with him.

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    I've seen plenty of anime movies, but generally, I just took the ending as part of the whole experience, so I wouldn't be able to name a movie just for the ending. That said, one movie ending that I did take note of is the ending to the second Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann movie. While the movies were just a re-telling of the series, the ending of the second movie had some slight changes which I believe made for a far more epic conclusion than what the series had.

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