All of Prince Philip's children are legal Citizens of the United Kingdom, regardless of whether they are legitimate or not. True or false?

The Princess Sophia's Naturalisation Act (1705) says that all of Prince Philip's children are legal Citizens of the United Kingdom.

Regardless of wherever they happen to be born.

True or false?

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    Partly true. They need to be non-catholic as well to qualify. The Sophia Naturalization Act only applies to legitimate heirs, that is children born in wedlock.

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    My mother was born in Erin and I am automatically an Irish citizen

    Many countries have the same rules I could be Born in Australia still an Irish Citizen

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  • Rico
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    1 month ago

    According to UK law as from 1981, citizenship of an illegitimately born person, by descent is from the mother if that person was born outside of the UK.  If born in The UK that person is a British citizen by the principle of jus soli, regardless of legitimacy. 

    The entire house of Windsor was subject to the Farran exemption as Victoria married a foreign prince.  

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  • Nationality law is complicated. Much depends on the law at the time the child was born, rather than current laws. Prior to 1982, the law assumed citizenship was derived from the father rather than the mother, and required the father to be married to the mother. Being named on a birth certificate was deemed sufficient proof of paternity - although birth certificates could be corrected if new information came to light and if either the holder of the birth certificate or their parent (if the holder was under 18) sought that change. 

    Incrementally, the law has changed to now allow citizenship to be conferred by either parent - and this can be applied on a case by case basis to people born prior to 1982. 

    The law now also can require a DNA test to prove paternity for a birth certificate issued after 10 September 2015. 

    In order to confer citizenship from a British parent, the parent has to have been born in the UK (certain exceptions apply) or to have been naturalised. This stops British emigrants conferring British citizenship on unlimited future generations. 

    The Princess Sophia's Naturalisation Act was repealed in 1948. 

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  • Clo
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    2 months ago

    The part about the Sophia Act was true, but the laws have changed. Philip was also born a citizen of the United Kingdom, but he chose the naturalization route, his thoughts being that the Sophia Act, though legal, would seen to be confusing.

    Philip's name being listed on birth certificates as the father makes the child legitimately his under the law .But,all of his children with the Queen are his,period. There is no need to question their legitimacy. Also to consider is his children with the Queen were all born in the UK so they are all natural born citizens. If Philip has illegitimate children, place of birth would matter---we don't know if Philip has illegitimate children.

    Under Part II of Schedule 4 to, the British Nationality Act 1948, The Sophia Naturalization Act was repealed.

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