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What do you think about multi-time champion/first Black WWE champion/tag-team record breaking Kofi Kingston?

'Held down by the McMahon' doesn't really fly when it comes to Kofi Kingston, in my opinion he's been given too many opportunities and moments far bypassing his ability and talent in the ring.

If anyone has the right to say they've been 'held down by the McMahon' it is Big E. (formerly Langston), the guy has been saddled with the likes of Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston and Xavior Woods and outside of winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship once in 2013 [Back when the WWE just let guys hold the belt and never booked them] has only held WWE Tag-Team championship gold since leaving NXT.  Let it sink in, this is after Big E. has been in WWE since 2009!  

The same amount of time as Kofi Kingston whose been WWE champion, 4 time WWE Intercontinental champion, 8 time WWE Tag-Team champion and 3 time WWE United States champion.  But yes Kofi Kingston was 'held down by the McMahon' in WWE.


Not everyone who doesn't praise Kofi Kingston is Dave Shitmen ya paranoid *******.

Update 2:

The Rock was promoted for his Samoan side more so than his African American side. 

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    I don’t love or hate him. I think he shouldn’t be above the midcard. He only had one memorable match this year. Which was at WrestleMania when he won the championship. Every match after that was mediocre. That just shows you how good Daniel Bryan is at making anyone look good. 

    I think it’s about time Big E has his time to shine. He’s got everything they look in a wrestler. He can wrestle, talk, has a great look, and is entertaining as hell. He’s only 33 so he still has time. 

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    Ever heard of a wrestler called the Rock, I think you'll find he did it first and a lot better.

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    Were you offended by the film Black Panther because there were no Crackers in the movie?

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