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Credit collection?

Hey guys so I have a short story and need help please. So basically in February I went to the hospital for X-rays and I’m only 18. I’m under my dads health insurance and the insurance didn’t pay for the x-rays. The insurance said they sent a letter through the mail but we didn’t see anything. Now in December I got 2 collections from the same source and owe $3000 but it’s not my fault. It’s really hurting my credit badly and people say to dispute it but what do I say or do? 

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  • Eva
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    You can't dispute a valid bill. You and your parents should find out why the insurance didn't cover it (high deductible?) and then make a payment arrangement with the hospital. The hospital should have sent multiple bills long before December.

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    The letter you received is likely called on Explanation of Benefits (EOB).  You can log into your (or create) account with the insurance company and read the EOB.  This will tell you what the insurance company paid and if they didn't pay it all, why not. 

    Insurance does not pay for every scratch or bump.  It would be too expensive for any "mere mortal" to afford".

    Based on why the insurance did not cover the treatment will determine what you do next.

    - if the none of the treatment was covered because the insurance company did not see the need for emergency care, you work with the hospital to get the insurance company the necessary paperwork

    - if the insurance did cover the treatment but it goes towards your deductible, you work with the hospital to see if they can reduce the cost or provide you with a payment plan.  But do not be surprised if they say "NO".... the bill is 10 months old, you had 10 months of letters that you ignored.  They may not be willing to help you now... in that case, you figure out how to pay the bill.

    - if you did not go to an in-network facility, then work with the insurance company about how this was an emergency and you didn't have a chance to find an in-network facility.

    In the future, for minor injuries, go to an urgent care center.  It will be much cheaper.

    You do not dispute the charge.  There is nothing to dispute.  You went to the hospital and are supposed to pay the bill. 

    - you ignoring the bill and allowing it to go to collections is not a reason to dispute it.  At this point, it's a valid bill (although, if you start to work with the hospital you may get the price reduced).

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    You don't say that it's not your fault, because that's irrelevant. You also don't say that you didn't see the letter, because that doesn't matter either. If the insurance says they sent a letter saying you owe, then you do owe, even if you didn't get the letter. Pay the bill. Medical collections are now removed from your credit after you pay (all other collections still continue to hurt your credit for 7 to 7 1/2 years, even if paid sooner), so you don't need to dispute anything.

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  • Sandy
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    talk to the insurance company again and ask them to mail or fax you a copy of your bill again and why they didn't pay it. sometimes these collection places run scams.

  • Anonymous
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    You pay the bill or you'll be taken to small claims court.

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