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Annual leave accrued on maternity ? ?

From UK here. So my annual leave accrued on maternity. My leave was from February this year to December, this leaves me to the end of March to use 211 hours annual leave. I have discussed with the boss but he recommended using as much as possible. By doing that at his suggestion it appears I'm almost nearly off every single week until the end of March as I work 3 13 hour shifts a week. So anyone else with experience of this? I would be happy enough to do this but whether my employer will actually allow it I don't know but I will lose my holiday pay otherwise 

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    UK It is up to you to decide when you wish to take your annual leave and you should agree it with your employer in the usual way. Your annual leave entitlement is based on your current contract of employment/statuatory employment laws....... you can only ask your employer and come to a joint agreement, what your employer has already stated is they will not carry your annual leave over into a new tax year, so if you do not take it before end of March you will lose it

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