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I want to lose weight?

I really wanna lose weight but like every overweight human being,I have excuses. First, I'm a 1st yeat medicine student, so whenever I feel any stress at all, I take it out on food and junk food is an issue for any student, but I know this is just an excuse, I know can work past it but I don't have the will, I wanna have the will. 

Btw I'm 18, 5'9, a woman and I weigh 83 kgs. I wanna lose around 20 kgs, maybe a little more I don't know, but I whenever I start with a diet , healthy or not, I quit in like 5 days, I've been dieting on and off for months now, I lose 3-5 kgs and then I gain them back, again and again and again. 

2nd, there's no way I can join a gym, no money and no time. 

Look, at this point, I just wanna start, and stick with it long enough to lose 10 kgs, that's it. What should I do ?

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    Are you someone with any sort of obsessional or perfectionist tendencies? I ask because it sounds like the 5:2 diet might be helpful for you, but it can be a gateway to eating disorder for suceptible people, and young women are statistically more prone to eating disorders. It can be a very effective diet, but clearly it's not worth it if could lead to an eating disorder.

    You've made a start by identifying some of the barriers. Now you have to figure out ways to overcome those. So figure out other ways to deal with stress, like exercise, yoga, meditation, a warm bath or shower, using scented candles or incense, talking to a friend, reading a book, listening to music. I'm sure you're time pressed as a medical student. Try to make sure you have things in to eat that are both healthy and quick and easy, e.g. cup a soups, yoghurt, fruit, veg that can be cut up into crudités, eggs, porridge or non-sugary cereal, even the student classic beans on toast. When you do have time to cook you could make a big batch so you have leftovers for later in the week.

    Diet is more important to weight loss than exercise, but there is lots of exercise you can do free. For example you could cycle to classes or wherever you might need to go. You could run or do aerobics or calisthenics. Universities usually have cheap sports facilities for students too, like pools, gyms and group exercise classes. You might be able to pay on a per use basis so you aren't making a financial committment for something you might not use and can fit it in whenever suits you without being bound to a schedule.

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    9 months ago

    Just eat like a bird. 

    Reduce meat intake

    Eat two meals a day

    Eat cabbage soup

    Eat potatoes, beets and drink water

    Don't drink alcohol

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    EAT LESS! There are no other ways unless you want your fat surgically removed or your stomach constricted.

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