I get woken up every morning with severe abdominal pain, anyone else going through this or ideas on what it might be?

Do I'm 22 yrs old and its almost a year now and still nothing. My gp has gotten me to do many scans, urine tests and blood work. I have tried IBS medications and emeprazole (i think its called, it's for reducing stomach acid). Im honestly at breaking point and i dont know what to do. Every morning at around 6am the pain starts in my abdomen, it's like a dull cramping/burning sensation that becomes excruciating after about an hour. I get out of bed to empty my bladder and i notice the pain goes away almost completely after that, so then I go back to bed. If i dont empty my bladder the pain gets soo bad that it radiates to my upper right back and i start to feel this sharp stabbing pain there. I do have some IBS. Can anyone relate. I've read online people having my exact pain for more that 20 years EVERY MORNING :(. Im terrified!


And yes I have seen a urologist and he doesnt seem to think its a bladder issue since the tests are all normal:(

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    you need to get an ultrasonogram

    of the whole abdomen to find out

    if you have kidney stones or gall

    bladder stones

    an infection in the gut can be a cause

    so a routine exam of a stool sample

    is advised to find parasites like hookworms

    or tapeworms

    lastly a colonoscopy will not be a bad idea

  • KatieC
    Lv 5
    8 months ago

    It sounds like maybe you need to see a urologist. Have you tried to stop drinking anything earlier in the evening? And peeing right before bed?

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