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A married man keeps flirting and watching me even when i told him to stop (10pts)?

A married man has been non stop flirting with me and staring. We know bits about each other because we see each other often enough so I text him online telling him to stop making things weird and flirting and if he has something to say then say it. He texted back denying it and when I saw him again he was standing across the room in the corner watching me and when we made eye contact he walked over into my line of sight, turned towards me and started staring at me. I kept looking back and he remained there watching me (possibly looked mad) while other people were around. This went on for a minute or 2 then he started moving towards me quick and i literally got scared and sprinted off. I'm thinking things are weird. I don't understand why he keeps doing this I'm uncomfortable. Should I do/say anything? 


He has been flirting for months and always finds ways to be near me/stare at me and initiate conversations. He'll stand at an arms length from my face and hold eye contact. He'll stand around me trying to get my attention. i always ignored him but he carried on. I thought he liked me then found out hes married and told him to stop. I've caught him checking me out numerous times and smiling to himself. I've tried to ignore I've tried being friendly he just keeps watching me it doesn't feel good.

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    Well, he's denying that he's doing it.  And you gave him the opportunity to speak his mind, and he didn't take it.  What line of action do you think you can take here?

    You can't report him to the law, because he hasn't actually done or said anything threatening or sexually suggestive.  All he's done is look at you, which is kind of totally legal when you're in public.  It would be different if you caught him peeking through your window at home, it would be different if he approached you and did or suggested something sexual in nature, and it would be different if he followed you home from work more than once or twice.  But none of that has happened, so you don't really have anything to accuse him of.

    How can you be sure he's thinking sex-predator thoughts when he looks at you?  Better yet, how can you prove it?  How can you prove he's looking at you more than he looks at anyone else?  How can you prove you're not imagining at least part of this predation?

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    You need to teach him that in this marriage you deserve respect and you do will not put up with anything less than you deserve.

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    stop answering him, stop looking at him, let your friends know for support and then report him

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    First of all stop texting him and block him on social media. Next time you see him tell him his attention is unwanted.

    If it continues go to the police and get a restraining order.

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    Stop playing games

  • Anonymous
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    Sounds like a creep be careful, get a restraining order

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    He is acting like a stalker, and if this behavior becomes the norm, then you should do something about it.

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    I think your playing games here yourself!

    You know he's looking for sex from you, yet, you go out of your way to communicate him with him online, as well as to keep him on your social media accounts. When your in the room with him, you look at him and run away, instead of just telling him to leave you alone and ignoring him after.

    Here's the thing, you don't want him around? If that is true, and I quite frankly have my doubts about that one, but I digress! Its simple, you delete him off your social media, no more messaging him online, you avoid being alone with him in social settings, no looking at him sideways in the room,  when he approaches you shut your yap and walk away.

    By playing these games here, you are allowing this vicious cycle to continue! Stop  playing this dance with him, and I assure you he will likely leave you alone. If he continues, that's when ypu report him to the cops for harassment etc.

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    call the police, this person sounds like a predator.

  • keerok
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    Ignore him.

    Stop communicating with him, personally, on the phone or online, no likes, nothing at all.

    Get a guy to hang out with you.

    Don't go to where he usually is.

    Most importantly, never ever look at him or at his direction.

    If he still doesn't stop, tell his wife.

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